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In the past ten years I’ve used cannabis, I’ve come into contact with so many different ways of grinding my stuff. Luckily for me, I got a very early introduction to the use of grinders for my cannabis resources, and I’ve not looked back ever since.

Many people new to grinders may be tempted to reduce their worth to the level of grinding cards or cheese graters used for cannabis instead, but just like almost everything else, there are different types of grinders, with some complex grinders used for as many as four or more different reasons. For example, some grinders are used to gather kief (a potent, crystal substance gotten off the buds of ground cannabis) – which can be used in cooking edibles or making a custom hash –while getting the grinding done in much lesser time.

While there are many ways to procure a grinder, I would personally recommend for their range of services which includes sales of multi-piece grinders with directly printed engravings of different interesting available designs, of course, they also provide customization for the grinders if you so wish.

After getting a grinder, maintaining the grinder might take little work to keep it at pristine condition. However, you can be rest assured that it will as settle as second nature to you after doing it a few times. usually, the problem that discomfits grinder users the most is the stickiness of the kiefy resins. And when you use it to a certain extent, the kief might get the stickiness so dense that the screws of the grinder become too hard to unlock with a twist. The best step to combatting this eventuality is by making sure that the grinders are kept clean at all times. Here are a few ways to keep your grinder clean:

The best way to get your grinder clean is to rub with iso-propyl alcohol and salt, this is not only effective for grinders, but can be used for bongs and pipes.

Occasionally, use a toothbrush you’ve isolated for this use only, to knock off any loose pieces of kief. Doing so will ensure the chances of the kief breaking down to get gummy will reduce.

When the grinder get too tough to open, you don’t need to slam it on any hard surface you see, instead do the same thing you do for shirts with chewing gum stuck on them, keep them in a freezer for a few hours. It’ll help you free any tight screw-faces of your grinder.

For metal grinders, you should take the different pieces of the grinder apart, rub with alcohol or dip in ever clear. To get the best results, make sure every part of the grinder is enveloped by the liquid (either the alcohol or ever clear). You can try to leave it in the liquid overnight, this will make the liquid turn somewhat bright green in color. After this, it will be way easier to clean the grinder.

When they get hopelessly sticky, it might be time to get a new grinder. You can reach out to for consultation and inquiries on all things grinder. Good luck!

 Adam M.

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