Grinding 101 - How to Use a Grinder

Is it your first time using a grinder or do you want to learn some tips and tricks on how to use a grinder?

No worries, we will teach you how to use a four chamber grinder properly.

Step 1
Remove the lid from the grinder. After you have removed the lid, grab your herb and break it up into pieces so that you can evenly distribute the buds into the grinder teeth.
Tip: Do not place anything on the center of the grinder teeth. This is the magnet that holds the lid into place, and it will not lock the lid into place if there is blockage on top of it.
Tip: Do Not Overfill the Top Chamber

Step 2
Once you have placed the buds into the grinder teeth, you are now ready to start the grinding process. Take the lid of the grinder and place it on top of the grinder teeth so that the center magnet holds the lid into place. Now that the lid is locked into place you can begin grinding. Gently spin the lid 5-10 times to ensure that all of the bud has been ground up and has fallen through the holes in the grinder teeth.
Tip.Grind The Herb Thoroughly
 When you begin grinding by twisting the top chamber of the grinder you may feel some mild resistance as the herb is being cut up by the grinder teeth.  A good way to know when the herb is thoroughly grinded is that you will notice the twisting motion will become much easier, similar to what it would feel like if you twisted the chamber with nothing in it.

Step 3
Now that the buds are fully ground, you can remove the upper two sections of the grinder. To do this, firmly grasp the base of the grinder with one hand and, using your other hand, twist off the grinder teeth section and the lid from the base of the grinder. After you remove the upper sections of the grinder, you will see the ground up buds in the flower chamber. From here the buds are ready to use!

Step 4
To remove the kief chamber from the flower chamber, grab each section and gently twist until both pieces come apart.

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