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Rainbow Trippy Mushrooms - UV Printed Grinder
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Rainbow Trippy Mushrooms - UV Printed Grinder
Rainbow Trippy Mushrooms - UV Printed Grinder
Rainbow Trippy Mushrooms - UV Printed Grinder

Rainbow Trippy Mushrooms - UV Printed Grinder

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  • 4 Piece (3 Chambers)
  • Features vibrant UV print that won't rub off or flake off (NOT a sticker)
  • Alloy 1100 Aluminum (Food-Safe)
  • Width 62mm (2.5") to comfortably fit in adult size hand
  • Cover attaches with neodymium magnets for strength
  • High impact, diamond shaped teeth for a smooth and consistent grind
  • Anodized color means it will never fade or run off
  • Machined Milled (CNC)
  • Includes Pollen Scraper and Screen Filter
  • Ships in 1-3 days from Los Angeles

More Information

Feature 1


Made from Alloy 1100 Aluminum, the metal is completely Food-Safe and durable. It's CNC machined milled, allowing for air tight fittings.

Feature 3


A set of CNC machine milled, sharp diamond-shaped teeth are both on the Cover and Grinding Chamber in close tolerances that attach with Neodymium magnets.

Feature 4


A high quality 500 micron steel mesh that is permanently attached to the Filter Chamber. This catches your grinds while filtering the dust down to the bottom into the Dust Chamber.

Feature 5


Made from thermo-set polyurethane, this piece acts as a buffer and removes metal on metal contact between the Cover and Grinding Chamber, while providing a smooth and low-friction grinding experience.

Feature 2


The Cover is milled and knurled with a subtle grip pattern. This helps reduce slipping and gives a nice tactile feel.

Feature 6

Bonus Secret

The height profile of the grinder can be lowered by removing the Filter Chamber and attaching the Dust Chamber directly to the Grinder.

The designs are printed onto the grinder Cover through a multi-step process that delivers a sharp and detailed image. It's printed directly into the metal with a Full Color UV Printer, then a clear coat is applied and set with UV light, making it permanent.

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